Here is the artwork for the four Model 870 TAC-14 shotguns that Remington Arms is providing to us. 

One is customized for each branch of the military in a 1970’s genre.  
These will be further customized with the “Huntsville FNRA 2018” logo engraved in the receivers.

TAC-14's are technically not shotguns by the legal definition. They were not manufactured to be fired from the shoulder, nor have they ever had a shoulder stock affixed to them. Therefore, they are not short-barreled shotguns and do not require any sort of tax stamp. They are also over 26" long, so they are not AOW's. They are simply "firearms" with 14" barrels, and are perfectly legal in Alabama. They are chambered in 12 Gauge with a capacity of 4+1. They feature a Shockwave Raptor bird's head type grip and a Magpul M-lock forend.

These will never be reproduced, 
they are four one-of-a-kind firearms made especially for our FNRA fundraiser in Huntsville.