Please support those who have purchased Head Tables at our Fundraiser

Below is a list of the tables and some basic information
More detailed graphics / contact info will be incorporated into the multimedia presentations at the Fundraiser.

$2,500 Head Tables
$2,500 includes eight (8) event/dinner tickets, a Henry Big Boy Brass 45-70 rifle, (8) knives, ammo can and a really big sponsorship acknowledgement

Ritchie Whorton /  All-Star Pools
$1,500 Head Tables
$1,500 includes eight (8) event/dinner tickets, a Glock 43 9mm, (8) knives, ammo can and a bigger sponsorship acknowledgement

Robert Walker /  Pro Electric 

$1,000 Head Tables
$1,000 includes eight (8) event/dinner tickets, a Remington 783 30-06 w/scope and sponsorship acknowledgement
Doug Dutcher

Phillip Morris

Last Year's Head Tables
Larry Barnett / Larry's Pistol & Pawn
Jim Johnson / Noble Trucking
Jim Johnson / 
Meteor Express, Inc.
Carl Hottel - NRA Instructor
Campbell Brothers / Steve & James Campbell
Dennis Stephens
Congressman Mo Brooks
Chief Lewis Morris, HPD, retired
Brian Jay Little
Commissioner Craig Hill
Art Sanford / Gibson's BBQ

Thank you all!